Link Roundup (March 2013)


Are you all ready for Spring?  I am.  I’m craving green vegetables, blooms and evening sunlight.  I dream of fresh shelling peas and green garlic and the promise of juicy tomatoes just around the corner.  A butternut squash on my counter was giving me sideways glances for weeks, and I was just able to bring myself to cook it tonight.  Just when I thought the frigid days were behind us, yet another cold front has descended on the District.  We burned through our firewood and braved the cold with our little metal cart to get more.  I’ve enjoyed cozying up to the fire, making stews and drinking rich, dark beers, but I’m starting to feel cooped up.  This week, the first farmers are returning to the market and a few anxious little buds popped up on the tree outside our front door.  So, I’m putting my faith in Punxsutawney Phil and hoping that warmer months are just around the corner.

In the meantime, here are a few little things from various corners of the internet:

Les expressions imagées de la langue française.

Daisy’s photos of the Louvre,

and these incredible photos.

Alexander Calder’s Fanciful Kitchen Utensils.

A musical map of Paris! (via Invisible Paris)

Those sprinkled sugar cookies I craved as a kid walking through the grocery store with my dad get a makeover.

We’ve gone through two batches of this, putting little scoops into our work lunch salads.  Delicious!

Other things we’ve been cooking lately: these pita breads, this ridiculously simple braised bok choy, and this pasta, perfect for when you’re almost too tired to cook but takeout just won’t do.

I’m supremely jealous of Ann and David’s beautiful cassoulet bowls.

This really hit home.

And to end on a serious note, my good friends Andrew Maki and Megan Chapman at the Social and Economic Rights Action Center are helping fight forced evictions of communities in Lagos, Nigeria.  You can read more about the growing problem here, watch their heart wrenching video, and if you feel so inclined, help spread the word.

à plus,


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2 Responses to Link Roundup (March 2013)

  1. Sara!
    How very lovely of you to include my Louvre photos in your Link Roundup! I raise a dark brew to the buds outside your window and remind you that the grey of Paris is I’d say 75% of the year, even if our cold is far milder.
    Hope all’s well on all your fronts!
    And please do look me up if you’re ever back for a leisurely stretch!
    Kind regards,

  2. Ann says:

    Thanks for including me in your lovely link roundup! If you ever make it to Castelnaudary, a visit to the Frères Nots is a must!


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